How It Works

One For All Fitness is an online personal training service (in-person available in Phoenix).  The first step to get started is to book a call to go over your goals, training history, and learn more about the system.  OR, you can sign up directly for our Hip Mobility Solution by clicking the link at the top of this page.  It will take you to a page with a description of the program and the option to start it right away!

After you have your initial strategy call, you’ll be invited to join our app, TrueCoach, where we will assign your program.  Hip Mobility Solution is currently serviced through the Trainerize app, which you will be immediately onboarded to upon purchase.

Both apps include our video instruction for each exercise in every workout, with the option to coach your submitted exercise form videos after completing each workout.  This  allows for a fully remote training experience, and we can ensure you move with proper form, progress appropriately, and use the correct exercise progressions/regressions/substitutions as needed.

We communicate with you through each app’s messaging feature, available 24/7, whenever you submit workouts, have questions, or need support.  You’ll receive reminders to complete your workouts as scheduled, keeping you accountable and ensuring you stay on track and motivated!

Each movement/exercise can be done AT HOME or IN THE GYM depending on your circumstance.  We will find the best solution for YOU.

We will also provide a DIET MODEL to follow.  Not all of our clients want/need dietary guidance, but it is something we offer as part of the package since diet it such an important part of the fitness lifestyle.

If you are already training for a specific sport or event, this program can still be fully integrated to your training schedule, enhancing your performance and helping to keep you healthy / pain free.

Book a Call today to learn more, discuss your training, and see if we would make a good fit 🙂 or sign up for the Hip Mobility Solution if you need to first restore your movement or come back from chronic pain / an injury

Your Coaches

Our business is fueled by our own passion to achieve physical greatness, and to share our knowledge, teaching others.  We have been training clients for 5 years and counting, with our most recent success stories featured on instagram daily.

Through our training we have personally been able to:

  • Dunk a basketball at 5’10” tall on a 10 foot hoop
  • Run 4.59 sec 40 yard dash on Ohio State’s practice field
  • Swing a golf club over 120mph and break par for 18 holes
  • Squat over 2x bodyweight and Bench over 300 pounds
  • Stretch into the front splits
  • Measure under 10% body fat

We want you to leverage our experience so that you can reach your goals safely and quickly

Tanner & Troy Plewa

Twin Trainers

One thing we’ve learned is that you can’t make progress in ANYTHING if you’re in pain. Our mission is to keep progressing beyond our current limitations, and pass on that knowledge to help you do the same. OneForAll was created to help our members realize their potential.

Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!


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