Can I keep my upper body from deflating during quarantine?

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Can I keep my upper body from deflating during quarantine?

To keep things concise and to the point, the short answer is YES.  If you sit around and don’t train your upper body, then of course it will slowly start to shrink down, assuming you are still eating your typical amount of protein.  While calisthenics training may be the same a pumping iron, you can still get some great results by moving your body through space.

The following is a routine that I have used before that I read on T Nation years ago, and is my go to protocol for when all I can do is work out from home.

Every day, (5-7 days per week), do 100 push ups and 50 pull ups.  Do this for 3 weeks straight, and then take a few days off.  You can spread them out through out the day and do whatever set and rep scheme you choose, but you must hit that daily volume number if you want results.

It sounds easy or simple, but by doing that “easy” workout every single day, you are accumulating a ton of volume of work in a relatively short amount of time.  Couple that with the fact that unless you were in the military, you probably haven’t worked out like that since middle school gym tests, making it a nice change of pace from pounding the weights continuously.  I personally do not have a pull up bar anymore, so I just go to the park near my house and use the playground equipment.

Since we believe that hitting the proper proportion is key when it comes to actually getting “in shape”, this also aligns with that goal.  By doing this for three weeks straight, expect to see about an inch added to your shoulder circumference while losing a little less than that around the waist, assuming protein intake is about a pound per bodyweight, and you stick to foods that you can either grow or kill.

Give it a shot and tag @oneforall_fitness on any fitness stories you post over quarantine