Your Twin Trainers


What’s Up OFA fam,

Our names are Troy and Tanner Plewa.  We are originally from Columbus, OH and grew up playing every kind of sport, later focusing on golf and basketball at the high school level and still play to this day.  We fell in love with weight training/sports performance after being part of an exercise science research project in high school.  Due to the fact that we’re twins, we were the perfect test subjects!

We both attended The Ohio State University to study finance, but also worked as personal trainers on the side, studying under the ACE fitness certification, and now have 4 years of training experience under our belts.

After graduating, Tanner moved to Utah for a job at a software company and Troy moved to Dallas to work for a bank.  Still fueled with a true passion for fitness, we started our online personal training business and now pursue it as a full time endeavor.

Learning how to stay fit and play amateur sports at a high level while working a full time job is what motivated us twin to come together again and address the needs of working people and students alike, who spend most of their time at a desk or on their feet at work and start dealing with aching backs/knees because of it.

We have drawn our knowledge base from not only the personal training world, but from sport performance trainers, bodybuilders, olympians, and even physical therapists/chiropractors.  We combined/compiled this knowledge into a system of measurable and objective standards so that it is easy to target someone’s weakest link, and make it the focus of training in relation to their particular goal.

Based in Dallas, Texas, we live and work together to provide a personalized and high touch online training experience for the members of OneForAll Fitness.  Join us on the journey to living a pain free life and reaching your physical potential!

Here you can find our personal Instagrams:   Troy Plewa         Tanner Plewa