We Pride Ourselves on being a duo

Highly-Skilled in Personal Fitness Coaching

Picture of Troy and Tanner Plewa

Troy and Tanner Plewa are originally from Columbus, OH and grew up playing golf, basketball, lacrosse, and football. They both attended The Ohio State University, and fell in love with weight training/sports performance and started to train others as well.

After graduating, Tanner moved to Utah for a job at a software company and Troy moved to Dallas to work in finance. Learning how to stay fit and still play amateur sports at a high level while working a full time job is what motivated these twin brothers to come together again and address the needs of working people, who spend most of their time at a desk or on their feet and start dealing with aching backs/knees because of it.

Now both based in Dallas, Texas, Troy and Tanner live and work together to provide a premium online training experience for members of OneForAll Fitness at an affordable monthly price.

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