Can You Train Out Pain?

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Can You Train Out Pain?

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, so we have to listen to it, and never push through it.

There is a general pattern that we follow to relieve pain, no matter where it is in the body, and it goes like this:

  1. Drive blood and get that intense “burn” in the muscles near the affected painful area using concentric only movement or isometrics.
  2. Stretch and Strengthen the muscles around the area in both the shortened and lengthened positions
  3. Progressively overload these new ranges over time so that you can handle more!

We call the strategy that sums up relieving pain Strength through Length because you’re wanting to be strong, but in a very large range of motion.  The more range that you “own” or control comfortably, the more resilient you become for everyday movement.

Balance is also key because as one muscle lengthens, the other must contract into a shortened position.  Many people are strong in the middle range of a muscle, but it is the extremely short and extremely lengthened ranges that need to be addressed when it comes to injury prevention.

In our programs, we prescribe exercises that go against traditional form cues.  For example, we DO want the knees to go past the toes, and we DO want to have strength when our back is rounded.  That’s why sending in the form videos is so important. You must start at a range of motion and weight that you can handle, and always err on the lighter side.  The quality of movement must be high, or else there IS a chance of injury when exercising. 

If your everyday life is affected because of bad knees, lower back, neck, etc., then become a member and try out our Strength through Length program and app service. You have no idea how much better your body could feel.