Non-Negotiable Elements of Injury Prevention in MMA

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Non-Negotiable Elements of Injury Prevention in MMA

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When we talk about a combat-based skill, you need to get ready for a lot of thrillers, extreme action, and a lot of drama. In short, living the life of an MMA fighter is no less than a movie. You will get injured and you will recover from the injury as well, however, there is a lot more that you need to know before you start your MMA training. As a beginner in MMA, your full potential will be used for learning and perfecting the technique. This means that you will require a lot of practice and a lot of effort. This also means that you might get injured while learning. Injury is very common in MMA. Most of the instructors explain that almost one out of every three MMA students face injury while practicing. However, these injuries are not very damaging if you know how to prevent them. In most cases, people wear safety gear as part of their MMA practicing uniform whereas, in other cases, students are trained to at least reduce the intensity of the damage. However, accidents happen everywhere. Even in the most famous fights that were fought between the two most skilled fighters. There are so many fighters who faced serious injuries regardless of being professional fighters. These incidents prove that accidents happen everywhere but prevention can help you reduce the intensity.

 What Do You Need For Injury Prevention?

To prevent injury it is very important to keep in mind that safety gears are not the only thing that you need. Apart from the safety gears, you also need to build your inner strength. To prevent the injury here are some of the main things that you should improve


Your body strength is the first thing that you should work on. This will take a few weeks and most of the time instructors start with basic strength-based training only. As you progress, they add to the strength-based training as well as normal skill-based training for MMA. With the help of this training, your body gains enough power that it can withstand all kinds of grappling. Strength-based training is especially important for wrestling and BJJ.


The second most important thing that you should work on is mobility. Every joint and every muscle has a limit of mobility. Some joints move in two directions whereas we have a few joints that move in three or four directions as well. Similarly, some muscles are full range whereas others have limits for mobility. One thing very important is the fact that you can train your body to have better mobility. As you improve with mobility, you will see that your muscle memory is developing with it. Apart from this, your mobility will have a good impact on your performance and this will also help you to withstand extreme fighting conditions.


The third and last thing that every MMA fighter must keep in mind is flexibility. As a child our body has flexibility and we can retain that flexibility only if we keep working on it. However, our lifestyle is very passive, which is the reason our body has lost its flexibility. Due to bad body posture and rigid body movements, injury is becoming very common. To avoid this issue, instructors usually start the session with a brief warm-up exercise. This way the body gets ready and you can avoid the possibility of an injury.

Basic Exercises That Can Help You Avoid Injury

As we have already explained, you need to make sure your body has enough strength, mobility, and flexibility. There are so many different exercises that you can perform for avoiding injury. For the beginner who is still getting ready for an at-home MMA session, here are some of the best at-home exercises that you can perform.

Shoulder and Hips Mobility Exercise

For this exercise, you will need a roller that you will use for increasing the mobility of your shoulder. You can just place the foam roller on the ground and lay straight on it. Your focus needs to be on the joints mainly. Your hips and shoulders are best for these exercises. Most of the time, the shoulder and hips get very tight and this limits mobility. There is no doubt that tightness will go away with a good massage but exercises will give you a long-term solution for this problem. Place your shoulder right above the foam roller and start pressing. Your goal should be to move the foam roller behind you without touching it with your hand only with the help of your shoulder. This will take around two minutes and your shoulder will feel a little tight. You need to start now and take a deep breath. Now, you need to loosen the tissue by moving left to right, and then you can move up towards your armpits. Once it reaches there you can slowly roll back and you can keep repeating. You can do the same with your hips as well, however, you just need to keep the foam roller under your lower back and hips.

Chest Flexibility Exercises

Just as we mentioned that body flexibility is very important and it can help you avoid any injuries. There are so many different exercises that you can try. One of the best exercises is the chest flexing exercises where you need a medicine ball for the chest flexibility. Place the medical ball on the floor and get down on your knees and hands. Make sure your weight is on your hands and knees while one of your elbows is resting on the medical ball. Now, use the medical ball to stretch a little. Your main focus should be on the weight division. You need to create a separation in your shoulder socket so that you can stretch a little. As you create a space between the shoulder sockets, hold this position for at least 45 seconds before you switch.

Cardio Exercises

While working on your overall body strength and flexibility you don’t have to rely on heavy machinery or very technical knowledge. There are so many different exercises that are excellent for stretching and improving body flexibility. If you are into yoga, you can practice some of the poses. Apart from this, you should also swim every day. Most people do not know that swimming is a great way to start your workout. It engages all the body muscles which eventually helps with the overall body flexibility. It is a good way for shedding fat and losing weight as well. Apart from swimming, rope skipping is another very brilliant way of warming up before the session.


For avoiding injury safety gears are very important. Safety ears are socially designed for preventing injuries without creating any hurdle in the performance. Apart from the use of safe ears, building body strength and working on body flexibility are also very important. To regain body flexibility some simple exercises do not require any special equipment whereas we also have some exercises that require a lot of technical knowledge. You can easily choose the one you like.