Start Line: Initial Measurements and Overview

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Start Line: Initial Measurements and Overview

Now that you have started the working through the Strength through Length system, it’s time to take some measurements.

Body Measurements: You’ll need a tape measure for this. Just type in cloth tape measure into and you will find it. Here is a link to the one we use.

Keep a note in your phone of the date you took the measurements and each measurement that applies to you.  Below are the measurements you’ll need and how to measure them.

Required For Everyone, measure both of these first thing in the morning

Waist Circumference– Measure around the belly button as shown in the video (linked).

Height– Most people are generous with how tall they think they are, measure height barefoot first thing in the morning. 

Record your Waist/Height Ratio: Using me as an example, 33/70 = 47%. Your waist circumference should be below 50% of your height to be considered healthy.  

If you want to shoot for an ideal physique goal, try aiming for 45-47% of your height.  If you are below 45%, you are in a great starting place to bulk up and fill out your frame.  If you are above 50%, then adhering to the dietary guidelines and adopting the sledding/HIIT routine in the workout plan are the most impactful toward that goal.

Here are the dietary guidelines that we recommend to everyone!

Required for Men, also measure in the morning to be consistent, not right after a workout

Shoulder Circumference– Measure around the shoulders just at the top of the armpit

Shoulder/Waist Ratio-  Using me as an example, 49.5/34 = 1.5. This is a measure of your taper, and we want to shoot for 1.618, since that is the golden ratio.  Anything above 1.5 is pretty good!  The waist affects this number more so than the shoulder, so don’t get carried away bulking up if it means blowing up your waistline.  

For more information on the ideal male physique and what that looks like for you, check out this article: Becoming the Symbol of Peace

Required for Women, also measure in the morning to be consistent, not right after a workout

Hip Circumference– Measure around the widest part of your hips.

Waist:Hip Ratio- This is a measure of your curviness, and we want to shoot for .7, also known as the venus ratio.  Anything below that number is phenomenal too, and anything below .75 is great.  Pursuing lower body strength and glute gains will also assist in your waist goals, so it’s a win-win situation.

For more information on the ideal female physique and what that looks like for you, check out this article:  Becoming Wonder Woman

Strength through Length

Our program is called Strength through Length since there is an emphasis on creating both a strong and mobile body throughout.  Each person is like a puzzle with different missing pieces to become whole.  So as you work through the program, we will be able to identify your weakest link, and correct it over time while maintaining your strengths.  Balance and proportion is key.

Mobility Assessment:  There are two stretching sessions per week.  So during the first two sessions, make sure to send in clips of each stretch so that we can assess your current mobility.

Strength Assessment:  Depending on your situation, you may be in the gym or at home.  Either way, type in what weight and reps you were able to do in each session through the app so we can make adjustments to ensure you are starting at the correct weight/difficulty, and then progress properly each week.  If you are currently in pain, do not do exercises that are painful.  As long as you can walk, you can do parts of this program, and regression allow you to make progress toward restoring your body to higher ability regardless of your starting point.

Athletic Goals

Athletic goals are very specific, so there is no general assessment here.  See the following articles for instances that may appeal to you.  The articles will be written and linked week by week, so don’t worry if there is nothing there now.  If there are none that appeal to your case, send us a message and we will send you more information on that particular goal

Vertical Jump

Swing Speed (Golf, tennis, baseball, throwing, and the like)


Long Distance Running