Which Program Should I Choose?

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Which Program Should I Choose?

Our flagship program is called Strength through Length, of which you can choose either a Weights or No Equipment Version, and here’s the breakdown:

  • 2 Upper Body workouts (Monday/Thursday)
    • Builds strength and length in the chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms
    • Great for training out shoulder pain, optional extras for elbow/wrist pain
  • 2 Lower Body workouts (Tuesday/Friday)
    • Builds strength and length in the legs, glutes, low back, hip flexors, and core
    • Great for training out knee, ankle/shin, back, and hip pain
  • 2 Conditioning and Mobility workout
    • Wide variety of conditioning options to choose from, centered around HIIT and waist slimming
    • Stretching follows afterwards to improve flexibility on a regular basis
  • One Rest Day (Sunday)
    • You can make up any workouts you missed, or simply enjoy a day off

If you play a sport, you are encouraged to continue playing it as your conditioning, this program simply provides a general strength and range of motion stimulus that can help you with any activity that you choose to pursue in life.

If you only want to work on specific pains and follow a lighter schedule, we also have two supplemental programs, no equipment needed for either

  • Train out Knee/Lower Leg Pain
    • Lower Body focused program, 3 days per week, that combats knee pain, shin splints, and other lower leg ailments
  • Mobility
    • Our mobility only program, 3 days per week, using flexibility and bodyweight strength exercises to mobilize your hips and shoulders

So which should you choose?  By default, you’ll start on the strength through length program, but all you need to do is simply message us in the app and we can change your program to whichever suits your situation best.  We can also help you decide, the line of communication is always open.